SEAM-300 / SEAM-400 (K2)
  • SEAM-300/ SEAM-400 , Seaming Machine
Purpose of Machine

-for Shrink sleeve.


-Stable and heavy-duty frame for high speed operation of 300 m/min.
-Adjustable forming plate creates efficient operation.
-Auto solvent feeding control.
-Auto tension control for unwind/rewind unit to maintain the optimun tension.
-Accurate product width.
-Cantilevered rewind/unwind shaft for fast roll changeover.
-PLC with color touch screen control system.
-Rewind oscillation control to produce high quality rolls.

  • SEAM-300/ SEAM-400
    - SEAM-300/ SEAM-400
  • SEAM-300/ SEAM-400
    - SEAM-300/ SEAM-400

Model SEAM-300 SEAM-400
Unwind width 620MM (MAX.) 820MM (MAX.)
Unwind diameter 600MM (MAX.) 600MM (MAX.)
Rewind width 55 - 300MM 55 - 400MM
Rewind diameter 600MM (MAX.) 600MM (MAX.)
Inner diameter of paper core 3" 3"
Machine speed 5 - 300 M/MIN. 5 - 300 M/MIN