Seaming Machines

SEAM-300/400 (K2)
For Shrink Sleeve Seaming

Purpose of Machine

  • Our K2 model is our most popular with over 400 units fabricated. This machine operates at 300 meter per minute and forms the sleeves via an adjustable forming section. The machine is available in 300mm and 400mm lay-flat models.


  • Unwind edge guide system
  • Adjustable forming plate
  • Semi-automatic tension control
  • Rewind oscillation
  • Touchscreen control
  • EFD direct injection system
  • Proportional solvent speed control

Glue Application

Glue Application
  • Direct Injection
  • Air pressure control precisely for minute quantity of glue

Adjustable Forming Plate

Adjustable Forming Plate
  • The min. forming width is 56mm
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