Slitting Machines

Slitting Rewinter Machine in Ergonomic Concept

  • This new high performance robust Overhead Slitting Rewinder combines new technology, features and design in an ergonomic concept. The machine is available in web widths of 1300, 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm, at speeds up to 800 m/min, and available with 600 and 800 mm rewind diameters.
    -Smart solutions
    -Reliable, advanced, versatile
    -Unmatched throughput
    -Shaftless unwind with electric lift system
  • The overhead web path offers:
    -Optimum access to slitting section
    -Integrated inspection area
    -No dirt collecting platform
    -No safety hazard due to steps
    -Easy web threading
    -Integrated drive and controls
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