Inspection Rewinding Machines

Double-side operation

Purpose of Machine

  • This double-side rewinding machine can do more serious inspection for the better quality, especially for packages of medical, cosmetics and some high-price food products. Integrated with automatic defect system, this machine can reach precise and continuous inspection to ensure zero defects.

Defect Postion Memory Function

Memory Function
  • When any defect is detected by human-eyes, press INSPECTION button and then the machine reverses automatically, the defects will be stopped at center of inspection table for operator to easily find and cut off the part.

Human-machine Interface (HMI)

Man-machine Interface (MMI)
  • All models come standard with MMI touch screen interface. The touch screen has high resolution color as well as a long service life. All models come standard with independent and free-standing operator panels.

Nip Roller

Pressure Wheel
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